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Thursday, 2 August 2007


me purple bicycle, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am joyous ; i am happy.

went for a happy bicycle ride this evening, i saw:

  • boys, toys and bicycles
  • cats... fat cat, skinny cat, persian cat, black cat, all sorts of cats
  • a little old lady with cigarette in mouth opening the little grey gate for the old man with his walking stick, and i'm thinking will we live till that age to be so loving? (without the cigarette!)
  • a cute dog and 4 cats sleeping in the porch of a house, when owner came home... his chickens all followed him, my jaw dropped... yes... chickens! they crossed the road and ran towards the owner, for food i suppose (chicks in the city! ~duh! i had to write that~)
  • dreaming of owning those beautiful houses i wheezed by
  • beautiful plants and flowers i wish i could asked for some from all those neighbours!

and i did that "hey mom! look... no hands!" zooming dangerously down the road!
so free, so fun and sooo satisfying!


  1. but u didnt c me waving at u ;(
    u reminded me when i was 10 dear. LOL

  2. I like today's affirmation.

    So positive...

    Reading it alone makes me happy :)

  3. Uuuuuu..coool shot of the bike! I luuv it!..What fun...would like to have a purple bike too!..Hm'..why not eh?!

  4. miror: me must have gone too fast! hehe! :P

    jl: glad you are happy today! :)

    luxie: yup, why not eh? hehe! then we can have cycling date, you there me here! again... why not eh? ;)

  5. Same here, I love the bike's color and the picture and the affirmation!


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