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Sunday, 9 September 2007

me time

duchess, photo by gene, canon 350d

todays affirmation:
i feel lucky, i am lucky

saturday 'me time'
slept and slept and slept sumore
recharging my battery after 3 full days of seminar and workshops
some time in my garden
play time with kiki
mmm.... feels good to be back with me


  1. What a beautiful pup! So glad you found time for you!

  2. happy for u that u found the time u spent for yourself. the problem with me...the more time i hv for myself, the more pressure i feel. not sure why but i know i hate that feeling alot.

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww'...what a huggy huggy dowgie!!!!!!...Look at those yes!...

    am glad your glass of virtual green tea!

  4. marsha: with 7 @ home, yeah i say you need me time, how on earth you find me time, you gotta share that!

    amber: yep, had a slow and relaxing day, but i'm back busy again now. sigh... :P

    zanas: huh? me time = pressure? why is that? *scratch head*

    luxie: hehe! yeah doggie cute cute! green tea... oooo... yummy! thanks!

  5. I want to cuddle your doggie. :)


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