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Sunday, 2 September 2007

no internet, got book

today's affirmation:
I am lightening up, laughing more, playing more and
fully embracing all that's funny and joyful in life

internet gone bonkers here, explains why my absence in me bloggy home. uh huh... no pictures too. anyhoo... gotta make a quick one here before i get the 'error' page again.
it's raining here, i'm gonna just snuggle up and read a book till i fall asleep!
stay happy people!


  1. be safe, be good, be hapi alison..hope its x 2 late, hapi merdeka too ;p

  2. so that's why.....been wondering...oh' and the site is called Sacred Spaces by Zena Musings..

    cool site...still thinking if I'll join in coz' it's a daily thing

  3. If you visit my blog it's in my sidebar!

  4. mirror: happy merdeka to you too! :) wanted to do a post on merdeka but streamyx is unstable... :P

    luxie: Ooo... cool site, looks fun, but i don't think i can post pictures everyday though... and with the connection running wild here, :( i wonder if we can just post whenever we feel like it? no pressure sorta thing would be nice. there's a 'photo friday' on me side bar, a weekly thingy... i hardly post anything, just visits some cool photoblogs from there! :)

  5. jemima: hope the internet conection will be ok soon. 'i'll be back' (ala arnold schwarzenegger - terminator* :P


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