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Tuesday, 11 September 2007


pikachu, photo by gene, canon 350d

today's affrimation:
i radiate love wherever i go

pikachu, the backyard stray. she went missing for a couple of days, gallivanting(?) today she reappeared. i sigh a sigh of relief.


  1. pikachu? dats cute ;)
    a cat wud never forget its playground...we wld. reality....sigh

  2. Pikachu looks darn cuter than my backyard stray....My backyard stray belongs to a gang of thug cats that beat up my poodle:<

  3. I know how you feel. Margaret, that fatty, went missing sometime last time too. Gave us all a bad scare. Thank god your cat came back. We love our tabbies, don't we? ;-)

  4. She must have gone to check out the "guys". LOL

  5. mirror: they know where they can get free food too! :)

    luxie: haha! poor bushy! male cats are bullies, females are more gentle.

    mayakirana: oh yes we do... and i hug her and squeeze her and everythings ok. (not that i did, she's a stray!! she won't let us)

    jemima: yahhh! she is a 'tomboy' cat! just a few nites out with the guys! catching lizards and lonkang checking! :)


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