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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

spread out your toes

me toes, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i feel fresh, loved and joyful

wonderful weather today
blue sky white clouds
jolly green grass, tiny bugs, hop hop hop the grasshopper
fresh cut grass, soft gentle breeze
i walked, i ran, barefooted on the cool green carpet
chasing sweet nothing
just being... playing... with 'now'
i thank mama tree for sharing with me her prana
a wave of happiness swept through my entire being
i love how the universe loves us
how she shares her creation, her beauty
abundance... all shapes, sizes and colours
i feel so loved by the universe
i feel full
i am grateful


  1. I felt so refreshed and so full of spirit after reading your post.

    Thank You

  2. i like ur spirit..n i like ur feet ;p so cantik la...
    btw, sorry dear, i hv 2 hijack ur blog a lil..2 jemima if ur readin this, i think ur site's super cool n very inspiring..but i can only visit ;p

  3. Walking barefoot on grass is a way to detox.. that's alternative medication, rite? ;)

    Thanks for informing me re mirror me's message. :)

    Mirror me, as I have said on your blog. Thanks for the complimets & do feel free to comment. :)

  4. Nice to have grass!...I miss feling cool green under my feet..lucky you!...What I have in my garden is a spread of peanut plant...can't walk over them...

  5. Same here, Luxie...all rocks in my yard around the pool. Good for the environment in my climate, but I do miss grass between my toes! I loved your poem, Alison! And great toesies photo!

  6. dave: happy holiday to you! :)

    mirror: you can always leave comments at her blog, i'm sure she'll be deligheted. :)

    jemima: being with nature is detox and recharge.

    luxie: i was at the park, :) dun have the pearl grass at home. peanut plants with yellow flowers? those are nice.

    amber: thanks amber, :)


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