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Thursday, 1 November 2007

balancing act

wild orchid, bukit tinggi, photo by gene, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am full of happy energy

'me' time yesterday
quiet lunch at annalakshmi
gardening, reading, resting
slower pace
feel soooo good

turned down an offer for a business trip to pangkor island
which i was suppose to be leaving today
i put my wellbeing first
is learning to listen to what my heart says, not my head
is when i am at peace with myself and the decisions i make
with no judgement

will be leaving to penang this friday
after my good rest
back next monday
have a good weekend!


  1. have fun in some prawn mee 4 me ;p

  2. Wonderful perspective, Alison! Have a nice time. Love Gene's photo as usual!

  3. Ooh I need me some me time too.

    And have a great time in Penang (I miss penang and the food esp)

  4. Enjoy Penang!!!
    Wishing you a safe trip, my friend!!!

  5. mirror: prawn mee? yum! i'm going for penang cendol!! yummyumm!

    amber: hope to meet a bloggy friend there, my first time meeting someone from bloggy world. and also hoping to catch up with an old classmate, last met 16 years ago! :) yeah, it'll be a blast if all things work out and if i can find the time to do all!

    frankie: hello! *wavewave*
    thanks... yaa... the food! glorious penang food! hahaha!

    jemima: thanks! you take care too!

  6. Have a wonderful time. When you treat youself to peace the rest of us feel your energy. Thank you for sharing

  7. I wish I had your ability to stop and rest.

  8. "Me time" is SO important. Not always easy though. Enjoy it whenever you can.

  9. Have a great weekend...and enjoy time spent just on yourself!


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