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Sunday, 14 October 2007


lemang, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am blessed with variety of food available to me

my hunt for lemang took only 5 minutes drive :)
just lemang, without rendang (spicy meat gravy), no fun, i know
wished they had vegetarian rendang
a little too dry, not smoked enough
oh well... better luck next year

no gathering at wan's (gene's friend) house this year
seems everybody got their own agenda, including us
oh well... maybe next year


  1. u can eat lemang with serondeng n vegetarian sambal goreng. coz that's how i like to eat my lontong. i dun fancy gravy much.

  2. Oh'megaaaawsh!!!..What is thaat?..UUuuuu...It looks super delicious!!..Over here we have something that looks about the same..we call it "quekiam"..I'm not quite sure if they're in the same league but seems so...and I just luv' it!!!..I bet this is suuuperb!!..Send me one over cybie space!

    Rendang is a fave as well..the spicier the better!!

    ps: right now I'm supposed to meet someone here at this stuff..only thing is I broke my shoe...the right shoe! I dunno' how on earth I'm going to walk out of here..ha! ha! ha!:>...dwatz...

  3. zanas: serondeng? that i have not tried. bu..but.. i like gravy :P

    luxie: 'quekiam'... cousin of lemang? hehe! *dit..dit..dit... whoshhh!*
    just sent over some lemang to you... enjoy! it's yummy! :D

    eeekk! do what they do in the movies... break the other half! oh wait... i'm assuming it's the heels ? do tell what happen after that and how you manage? i'm curious, maybe a tip i can learn?

  4. i hv some rendang, lontong & kuah kacang left...u want? ;p

  5. A friend who celebrated sent the goodies to me... She knows that I couldn't make it to her open house this year.

    I thank God each day that I have friends who really care.. including you, Alison.


  6. I've never had lemang, but I just looked it up and it sounds great! Is it almost like a smoked rice pudding? The bamboo stick gives it a great shape. I'd love to try it sometime!

  7. mirror: haha! no more lemang here. thanks! :)

    jemima: wah! so nice, delivery service? :)

    amber: nah ah, not like rice pudding. hard to describe, you gotta try it to know it ya? hehe! :)


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