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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

one step up

steps, photo by alison, canon a20

today's affirmation:
i am a wonderful person who deserves advancement and happiness

confirmation letter came in today, i got promoted - yay!
thank you thank you thank you
now i can go shoping and reward myself
and maybe some time off away from the city this weekend


  1. clap job girl! congrats ;p. now lemme treat u japanese,yes?

  2. Alison, that is wonderful news! Treat yourself to something special! I love the photo of the steps. The photos you and Gene take really capture an essence of daily life... Sometimes it's dramatic; other times, it finds the beauty in simple, everyday things. I enjoy both and I always look forward to seeing what's on your blog!

  3. Eyyyyyy!!!..Cooongratulations!!!!..Hug..hug!... gonna' eat a slice chocolate cake for you;>

  4. mirror: really? really really? yumyum! :)

    amber: thanks. so happy you like what you see. a motivation for me to blog! :) gene has loads of pictures, it's so easy for me to just pick from is collection! :)

    jl: wow! thank you!

    luxie: heyyyy.... not fair... me wanna choco cake too! *hugs* *giggle*

  5. Well, that was certainly an effective affirmation! Congratulations!

  6. Congratulations, Alison! I hope your celebration went well...a very effective affirmation!

  7. congrats!!!so happy for u :p remember to snap some shots on your shopping trips...hehe


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