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Sunday, 11 November 2007

home again

cafe, photo by alison, nikon coolpix 3200

arrived home 9:00am today
melaka - good trip
had the opportunity for a massage in between work
bought some chinese herbs, two paintings
mom's food is always the best
gonna take it easy for the rest of the day


  1. Hope you're having a relaxing day, Alison! What did mama cook for you?

  2. amber: mama made some spicy fish ball gravy, super hot chilli prawn that's got my head smoking! :)

    mirror: oh yeah... recharged. annnnd... back to work tomorrow.

  3. Hi Alison
    I enjoyed our little tea time together too. Come up soon. Can take you for more makan. Oh ya, I KNOW you probably go nuts with this but you got tagged to do this little meme of mine (see my blog for details.) Jangan marah ye?

  4. Welcome back, Alison...sounds like a yummy and comforting trip away!

  5. spicey fish ball gravy'...praaaaawns....did you just say praaaawns??..wooooooow!!!!!


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