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Wednesday, 7 November 2007


leisure bay, photo by alison, nikon coolpix 3200

today's affirmation:
i have high energy to do my work

penang trip was great!
had nasi kandar, penang cendol, apam, prawn noodle, char koay teow, o-chian, kuih pai-ti, pasembur, nasi kandar again and vadai, samosa and sweet yummy stuff! ahhh... penang... food haven!
met mayakirana for the first time, also my first time meeting a blogger friend. best part is... gene's uncle was her tuition teacher! read six degrees at her blog here.
met my secondary school friend, taykoh, last meetup was 15 years ago!
and oh... work? work was ok. :-)

leaving for melaka early tomorrow morning
will be back saturday night
yes, work trip again

thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving sweet comments
sorry i haven't had the time to visit your blog
i am tired. i need some quiet time to re-charge
gonna rest this evening, maybe soft music and a book
another looong busy weekend ahead


  1. Your picture picked my spirits up immediately Allison, glad you had a good trip.

    Safe travels to you.

  2. u have a great job there...don't have to get stucked behind the desk for very very long hours. u enjoy yourself yah.

  3. Whoa! What's going on here? Your affirmation says you have high energy and your blog says you are tired. Should we consult the third umpire?

  4. Beautiful photo, Alison! Sounds like a nice trip. Get some rest! Everything okay?

  5. There are no coincidences, are there?! You and your friend were connected to each other through a teacher, long before you found each other on the web. Isn't it great?

  6. would love to take a dip here...pristine clear and truly tempting pool you've got!


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