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Thursday, 29 November 2007


i'm back
witnessed a frightful accident on our way home from singapore
we (sis and i) were the first to stop, i called the ambulance
sister hurried to check the victims
four girls
i am not going to give details
i still have flashes of the shocking images
nervous energy still lingers
i pray for them
please pray for them
thank you


  1. oh dear...were they badly injured? i'm not calm like you at all. i can hv nervous breakdown given a similiar situation. when someone was murdered in my last office and my colleague's mouth was cut open with a pen knife right before my eyes...i suddenly turned deaf. i saw everyone running and screaming, and the dean and some profs trying to talk to the psycho but i couldn't hear anything. and i couldn't even move until someone pulled me from the back into our manager's room. in there were already few of my friends sitting low and two sat under the manager's table trying to hide. i just looked around like stupid gundu. i finally sat leaning against the closed door after my friend pulled me down, still like gundu. i only started to talk after awhile. tell u...i'm very hopeless in such situations. if not because of my friend (todate i still not sure who actually pulled me into the room), i may not be around anymore. after sometime, a crisis management team was formed. when i saw my name in the email, i quickly went to see the prof in charge and explained to him what happened to me during that fateful day. n my name was removed. it's for everyone's best interest.

  2. welcome back girl!
    pray 4 them n pray 4 u both.

  3. Welcome Home
    I will pray for those poor people.

  4. I'll pray for their recovery & yours too.

  5. oh, Alison, I am sorry you had to witness it, but glad you were able to help. It sounds like you were the right person at the right place at the right time. My husband had to perform emergency first aid on someone at work a few years shook him up for a long time afterward. I will keep them--and YOU--in my prayers.


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