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Thursday, 31 January 2008

love thursday

our shadow, photo by alison, canon a20

love thursday at shutter sisters
i love photography, i love gene, i love love and i love that both of us love taking pictures
what a great combination
click over to shutter sisters for more beautiful photos
i just wish i could write like karen

photo above was taken last year, gene and i were waiting for a parade to start
yup... to take photos

happy love thursday!


  1. Cool stretchy photo :-)

  2. Cool shot! Shadow photos are one of my faves.

  3. I had never realised that you were so tall!

  4. Look how tall you are!!! hee! hee!

    I took a look at Shutter Sisters and as soon as I get to finish this work ( grooooan ) will take a more detailed tour.

    Thanks for the info:>

  5. You are BOTH so talented! Thank YOU for sharing your gifts with us! (Now off to Shutter Sisters...)


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