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Sunday, 13 January 2008


langkawi island view, photo by alison, nikon coolpix 3200


my theme for 2008. the one little word i choose this year, resonates with my heart and would like to let it sink in in 2008. to remind myself whenever i'm off balance. to practice the art of letting go and blissfully allowing things unfold, ultimately total surrendering to the universe. the main reason why i haven't been able to completely surrender is because of the ego, driven by fear, the ego always wants to take charge of life, the big 'i'. so this year, i am surrendering the big 'i' to the big universe. fearlessly.

i am learning to allow myself to surrender to the bigger force of nature, which i feel can do much better creation than me. i have set my intentions and wishes, now i allow the universe to take care of the rest. i may fall, the ego may get in the way at times, it's okay. i am still learning, 2008 will be a big leap in the surrendering and allowing process. let the lessons begin.

what would your one little word be for 2008?


  1. mine consist more than a word ~ shall play by god's rule. coz 2008is a long road of mystery for me. i do not know what lies at the end of this new risk that my hub and i are taking. to be hub and i are scared.

  2. Allison, I love the way you think. I think my ego takes over sometimes, and how I wish I could surrender instead.

  3. I want to steal your word, Alison! I feel the same way.


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