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Thursday, 14 February 2008

chinese new year 2008

me and jennifer, my elder sister, photo by gene, canon 40d
first day of chinese new year, all dressed up with big happy smiles

kiki on her morning walk, photo by gene, canon 40d
yes, we brought kiki home to melaka with us, she was nervous at first, but once she's out smelling the fresh (stinkin?) air... curiosity got into her, look at that BIG eyes

jennifer, ai ai (youngest sister) and me, photo by gene, canon 40d
ai ai was hardly home during the new year holidays, out most of the time with her "boyfriend"!!? my little sistah has got a boyfriend!!? sigh.... but she is still very much everyone's little girl at home.

old man bumming around, photo by gene, canon 40d
yaa.... his name is old man! he acts like one! the way he walks, eats, and looks at people, ayoo... he's just one darn slow and lazy cat!

ashlyn, photo by gene, canon 40d
cousin's 6 year old daughter, boy can she talk! she wants to "marry" 3 of my other cousins!! one drives a big merze, the other is bald, who's close to her dad and i can't remember the third one.

gene, man behind the 40d, photo by alison, canon 40d
trying out gene's 40d, it's big and HEAVY!!! i'm good with the 350d for now.


  1. Wonderful heartwarming pictures Alison...Your white Kitty there seems perplexed..he! he!...

    HAppy VAlentine's Day :>

  2. Kiki's eyes are simply mesmerizing! And you always look so luminous! You really captured Gene's pensive depth in that photo, are very talented yourself!

  3. the 3 of u have the same beautiful smile. confirmed - u are all sisters, no doubt about it. n yeap, u did capture gene's deep thinking moment...wonder what's he thinking about though.


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