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Tuesday, 19 February 2008


chewie, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i love to play, playing makes me (and my dog) happy

taking photos with reckless abandon
no rules, trusting a happy heart
just playing, having fun, and just because
then see what magic appears

and i think sometimes it applies to life too

if you love doggie photos, you'll love slobber space


  1. Judging from his expression he needs a second dose of 'play'!

  2. Such a serious look ha! ha!

    Seems he is taking his modeling job really to heart..hee! hee!

  3. lee: hahaha! SHE does doesn't she!

    dave: sure is

    luxie: oh! but i assure you she is a happy happy dog! she's very NOSY too, always sniffing... everything! well, thats what dogs do.

  4. hvent been out playing 4 a while now...maybe its time ;p
    hv a gr8 weekend girl!

  5. That is an awesome photo! I LOVE the expression on is face! He's got some 'tude! That is a dog I'd like to get to know!


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