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Monday, 11 February 2008


incense burning in green dragon temple, photo by alison, canon 350d

i give thanks for a wonderful happy family
i give thanks for abundant love
i give thanks for good health
i give thanks for all the yummilicious food that mom prepared, and all the cookies everywhere!
i give thanks for all the crazy laughter shared among our family the pass few days
i give thanks for sooooo many more goodness in our lives

i am full with gratitude...

yes! yes! i am back, and guess what? i am now the happy user of gene's canon 350d! woohoo! gene upgraded to a canon 40d, now we can both take photos together, at the same time. though i am still much of an amateur, but hey... photography is an art, it's cool to bend the rules sometimes, in other words, i am still much of a point and shoot person. shutter speed? aperture? don't really understand numbers. m.u.s.t l.e.a.r.n.

lots more photos from gene's 40d, will have to wait till he transfer to the pc before i can upload here. photo above was taken on our visit to the temple on the first day of chinese new year.


  1. Looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your good fortune!


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