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Saturday, 12 April 2008

swing away

me on swing, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i find ways to nurture my inner child

a camera, in a park and a swing
something about being on a swing, the motion? the height? the feeling of wuzzy tummy? the wind on cheeks? the ruffled hair? i dunno...
always makes me happy
always! always! always!


  1. I always enjoyed a good swing, too...pumping my legs to get as high as I could go, leaning my head back. You definitely caught that wonderful, whizzy feeling in your photo!

  2. uh huh! it was a fun evening, with the moody grey weather we're having, a good fun swing is all i need to lift my spirit up! :)

  3. Wonderful photo! I was trying to figure out where to place a Swing the other day. I love it, and have missed having one these past few years!

    Bet it was a great day...I envy you!

  4. pssst... I have a secret to tell ya'...You the evenings..real late...sometimes I walk to our community park and swing too! :>

    pretty happy feet you've got there...wheeeee!!!!

  5. nice catch... you're really having fun with the 350D! :)

  6. good shot. but how did u manage to take photo while swinging? don't u need your hands to hold on to the swing, and extra hands to hold the cam? multi-tasking??

  7. marion: wow! you have a swing at your house? that's fantastic! you get to swing whenever you want..yay!

    luxie: happy feet yes! happy heart too! :)

    gene: ya! having loads of fun, must thank the one invented digital camera! i get to shoot tons till i get a good shot.

    zanas: one hand on swing the other holding camera. ohh... we women are world famous for multitasking, aren't we?

  8. Hi Alison,
    I always loved to swing on the swings. I still do, when I'm at the park. It's just so fun. I can actually lose track of the time while swinging away. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great Day!

  9. lydia: uh huh! i get carried away and forgot about 'time' too! :)


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