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Thursday, 1 May 2008

back home

our boots and one yellow flower, keukenhof, holland, photo by alison, canon 350d

we're back!!
it wassss fantastic!!!
beautiful country, weather and people
ahhh..... wonderful! wonderful! wonderful!
more photos to come after i've rested well, done with the laundry and ground myself back to malaysia. oh yes! so gonna have my roti canai and teh tarik!


  1. You probably know this already, but that yellow flower is a dandelion.

    We've got many of them growing in our yard right now. Most people consider them to be "weeds-which-must-be-destroyed" but we love them.

  2. OH You really make me envy..second honeymoon..and Holland. Okay..note to self..don't read Alison's blog when hubby refused to listen to my blabbing about vacations..

  3. nice to have u back. did u see the windmill there? did u get to wear the clog shoes?

  4. oooo...sudah balik! did u get 2 ship some tulips home? purple ones?? ;b hope u had a blast!

  5. cameron: actually i didn't know the name of the yellow flower, thanks for the letting me know! i love dandelion!!!

    hliza: oh, how about 'family moon'? haha! i bet you'll have a great time with your family, the familes in our tour group really enjoyed themselves, the kids had a wonderful time, you can see from their wide eyes and bright happy faces. :)

    zanas: yes, windmill and clogs, the photo of me wearing the clogs in gene's pc, will have to transfer them here later. :)

    prism: thanks, glad to be back, though i would love to stay for the cool weather there! haha!

    mirror: immigration doesn't allow us to bring in tulips or any plants. but we saw lots and lots of them! photos coming soon. oh yeah we had a super blast time! thanks

  6. I had no idea you were going to Holland! What a wonderful experience!

    Dandelions are sprouting like weeds even out here in my desert yard! But I remember when living in Germany that old men would come around and pick them to make dandelion salad (from the greens) and dandelion wine! One man's weed is indeed another man's nouvelle cuisine! :-)


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