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Saturday, 24 May 2008

great grandma's love

fenfen and great grandma, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am surrounded by family love

my good friends john and pamy had a ceremony for their baby girl's full moon (one month old) two weeks ago, i was there to take photos and witness the lovely ceremony done by a buddhist monk in sri jayanti temple.

this is one of my favorite photo. great grandmother holding precious little baby fen fen.

fen fen is one lucky girl, i know john and pamy will be great parents as they are full of love and kindness. john, my friend from uni is a very patient guy who always think before he speaks (sometimes too much and too long, :P) and pamy, she is one great cook! now with their first born, a new chapter of family and fun begins. woohoo!

congrats you guys!


  1. A grandma's love is always so different..and special for us. I'm heading to Malacca on Sunday..releasing the kids to their gramp's love..we'll stay at mine for a week and another few days at my in-laws. I'll be working though but they'll be embraced by another special kind of love..

  2. this is a beautiful photo of two generations. suddenly i miss my late grandma whom i didn't speak to until her passing. i regret keeping the grudge. i wish i could have back the years i lost.

  3. Hey what about you lah? when u plan your own?


  4. That is one beautiful great grandma. How blessed she is and so is her whole family :>

  5. hliza: ohh goodie! i bet the kids will be so thrilled, getting all the love and goodies from gramps. i remember i always get chocolates and treats from my late grandfather and grandma. it is indeed a special kind of love.

    zanas: sorry to hear about that, maybe prayer would help?

    angela: haha! dunno lah. how's your girl? how old is she now?

    prism: ya... they are a beautiful family.

  6. What an absolutely fantastic photo, Alison! It really captures the span of love over time, doesn't it?

  7. This photo is precious and will add to Fen Fen's memories in later years. You have a wonderful eye, Alison!


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