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Thursday, 22 May 2008

here in my home

malaysian artistes for unity

what is living in malaysia all about
great effort by malaysians


  1. Oh I love this song. It makes me all teary eyes..despite all the disagreement and rift here and there..we are in fact united all the while..and there's no place like home. Love Malaysia!

  2. one love undivided...right on! Love this song. Thanks, Alison!

  3. hliza: ya, no place to find good and cheap nasi lemak, roti canai and teh tarik and nyonya food!! and... oh the list goes on, hehe! gotta love malaysia! it is home.

    marion: ya, love is all there is!

    amber: we need this (hope, love and unity) for us now and for the future of our children.

  4. it is such a beautiful song!!! it reveals the true love that we didn't realize we keep for our country.

  5. Hi Alison: Great chorus! Makes me wanna cry because we have so much of everything that's good in this country. With our fantastic people, abundant talent, amazing languages, Malaysia should be better and stronger than any old country in this region. Psst... we also have some of the bestest cuisine in the world too. Why wouldn't anyone love to live in Malaysia? I'm going to put this video on my blog too. It's video season I guess.


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