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Monday, 9 June 2008

belated birthday

me and gene, in bus to brugge, photo by gene, canon 40d

to gene
my ordinary miracle everyday
life is beautiful
with you


  1. Happy birthday Gene!

    PS: I love this song too and the was the last movie I watched in theathre as a mom of two with my two kids alone..I was heavily pregnant with the 3rd one at that time.

    You two looked so sweet lovey dovey!

  2. Happy birthday Gene! How exciting that I get to say that all the way from over here. I love that picture of the two of you! Singing happily..."Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Gene...happy birthday to you"!

  3. Happy Birthday Gene!

    You're lucky to have him & him you, Alison.
    God bless both of you always!

  4. Yo' Geeeeene...Happy Birthdaaaaay!!!!...

    Awwwww' such a sweet couple you are Alison. Wonderful to see people so much in loooove hee! hee!

    Oh' and about E..My story is soooo true!!! In fact, I'd been wondering how come he never spoke to me ever we were together till high school...

    One time though,( and this is weird)..when I was in sixth grade..I was alone inside the classroom when someone placed his hands over my eyes. After I pried it off and turned around to see who it was..lo' and was E...

    Then...he ran again..

    ( duh' to him..)

    The Lady Prism

  5. You two are so CUTE together. Both of you look so happy, young, fresh. Alison, you are just so lovely.

    I have to tell you...I will be in Europe this summer and I keep thinking about your trip and your wonderful photos. You are such an inspiration!

  6. happy belated birthday!!! and this picture can really tell the love story u both share. sending u both all the never-ending best wishes.

  7. hliza: i have not watched the movie, was it good? so cool of you bringing your kids to watch movies!

    sandy: thanks, i've showed gene all the wishes from all of you.

    jemima: blessed indeed. and i and thankful.

    prism: haha! thats a sweet memory, i'm sure he remembers them. :)

    amber: oh amber, how nice that you'll be traveling to europe, take lotsa pictures to share ok. ooo... this will be fun.

    zanas: thanks zanas! and may we follow your path of happy couplehood of you and your husband many years to come.

  8. Hey, you should watch it..i's one of the son who never concentrate in movies suddenly did on this!

  9. Awesome! And Happy Birthday, Gene!

  10. hliza: really? OoOo... okie, taking note and will make a point to watch.

    marion: thanks marion!

    gene: *hugs*


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