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Wednesday, 18 June 2008

purple sensation

hyacint - purple sensation, photo by gene, canon 40d


  1. WOW!!!

    Tell Gene, this photo is equivalent to those that I see in National Geographic. :)

  2. it has been a 'broken-shatterred' kinda day...but this purple pic...jus put a lil smile back on me face ;)

  3. Indeed pure sensation...

  4. So relaxing to stare at this...I can feel the energy.

    The pictures below are fantastic :>

  5. Wow! The colour is so rich and sensational! Great photo!:)

  6. Wow..I love purple! I have many, many purple shirts and scarfs..and I chose to go to uSM last time coz they graduate in purple there..he he..good job Gene!

  7. These flowers smell so nice when in bloom. They come in very pretty colors too. I love the photo. Have a great day!

  8. Oh my word, is that a sensational photo! The blog loaded and POW! That beautiful purple. Just stunning!!!!

  9. jemima: yep, forwarded your comment to him already. :)

    mirror: glad the pic did a little help, hope you are feeling better.

    angela: thanks angela

    prism: thanks!

    cc: thanks cc :)

    hliza: purple one of my fav colour too, the other is green. i too have many purple bajus! :)

    lydia: oh? i didn't smell them up close when we were taking the photos, :P just the sight is beautiful! :)

    amber: pow!? hahaha! i'm trying to enlarge the photos in my blog, i guess with few words that i write, i wanna let the photos to the talking. soon... hopefully.


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