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Saturday, 28 June 2008

reading:shift happens!...2

keukenhof, holland, photo by alison, canon 350d

dear god,
i say "yes" to love today.
help me to give and receive love.
i say 'yes' to happiness today.
help me enjoy each moment.
i say "yes" to balance today.
help me to relax and smile.
i say "yes" to me today.
help me listen to my heart.
i say "yes" to miracles today.
i say "yes" to life today.
~ robert holden~

i do not know what to write these days
actually, most of the time la
so, i'll post photos instead
duh?! that's what i have been doing
well, photos a little bigger now
new look


  1. bigger size does make a photo look prettier. i like this layout. and i, too, say 'yes'...i hope HE is listening.

  2. I love to show off bigger sizes looks like it's coming out alive! Oh these flowers...

    And I said yes too!

  3. zanas: thanks. i say 'yes' too. deep down we know HE is listening ya? :)

    hliza: maybe in near future they'll make 3d computer, where pictures really "pop" out! that'll be cool! i say yes, yes and yes! :)

  4. Hello Alison, BEAUTIFL POEM! AND VERY PRETTY PHOTO TOO! Have a great day!

  5. lydia: thanks, you have a fun day too


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