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Sunday, 13 July 2008

keong kahwin lulu...2

on with the photos...

table 8, photo by alison, canon 350d
genting is known for 'arena of stars', fitting for the bride and groom that night.

grand entrance, photo by gene, canon 350d
the stars...

lulu's nieces and nephews, photo by gene, canon 40d
performances dedicated to the bride and groom from the young ones

friends of the bride and grrom, photo by gene, canon 40d
and then by the old ones... us friends... we sang a cantonese song titled "friends"

lulu's family, photo by gene, canon 40d
and there's more... the "chew family' doing their moves

sim keong singing, photo by gene, canon 40d
singing clearly is in the blood of the 'chong family' too!

which is my wife's hands? photo by gene, canon 40d
ahh... a game to test the love of the groom to his bride, blind folded he had to guess which hands belongs to his wife... he passed with flying colours!

sim keong doing the dance, photo by gene, canon 40d
and he had to dance to the song L.O.V.E by nat king cole.
'O' is for the only one i see

everybody dance, photo by gene, canon 40d
and later everyone got down to the floor and dance the night away

it was totally crazy fun night and everybody had a blast!

i guess as i am writing this lulu and sim keong are probably packing or already on their way back to london where they live and work. we will miss you guys and waiting for your return, all the best to the both of you!


  1.'s really a lively occassion, and not another sitting-down dinner reception as i predicted. they are all such sporty bunch. who was the wedding planner?

  2. Hi Alison, wow! Really beautiful pics. I felt like as if I was there...and first time seeing all the interesting but fun activities.
    Been away a long time so was admiring the fashions both men and women. Outstanding.
    Ahhh, re guessing the wife's hand, I would have failed miserably, *wink*, ha ha.
    You have a great week and hold that smile. Best regards, Lee.

  3. zanas: uh huh! sure wasn't the sitting down dinner reception, and boy i'm glad. planed by our friends from uni while the couple were still in london. haha! and of course having supportive and sporting family like that was great too!

    u. lee: thanks u. lee, fashion? well, i bet the fashion in your city is far better than here. you have a wonderful week!


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