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Saturday, 5 July 2008

lulu's wedding

happy chair, photo by alison, canon 350d

off to genting for phaik loo and sim keong's wedding tomorrow
phaik loo was my room mate in university, sim keong was our senior
it's gonna be so much fun tomorrow
see ya when we get back
have a fun weekend!


  1. they got married at genting? wow...muz be a grand one. the interior is lovely.

  2. Weddings..whether in luxury or simplicity always amazes me..I always come back feeling rejuvenated; that another love is declared and sealed; another new life begins, another hope for foundation of love in this crazy world. Will you be the photographer?

  3. pictures please...( food pictures perhaps?) he!he! Have fuun!

  4. zanas: to me i'll consider it a medium scale, very fun & cozy wedding scene compared to other weddings i have attended. the photo is not the actual from their wedding, took from old photo. hehe!

    hliza: no, i was not the photographer, the real op (official photographer) did a wonderful job i must say. ya, i love the happy lovey dovey energy.. especially when both is your close friends... it's so so lovely, i feel so so happy for them. they remind me of monica and chandler in friends, :D

    prism: i didn't take any food pics i'm afraid, we were too engrossed by the entertainment and fun that night... food? what food? haha!

  5. Isn't it wonderful to spend time with old friends and watch them experience good things in their lives?


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