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Sunday, 19 October 2008

@ soulstudio

fuzi hanim (fuzimagic), photo by alison, canon 350d

wendy loh, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am open to learning from everyone i meet

went to soulstudio in petaling jaya yesterday for a mini seminar/sharing with fuzi and wendy, two amazing ladies. it was a small group with 7 of us, each from different background, one of them was my meditation teacher, mr quek, whom i have not met over 10 years! he was my first teacher who taught and prepare some of us novice yogis for our very first meditation retreat in a rubber estate in kota tinggi, johor. so happy to have met him even though i know he didn't recognise me, he had, after all taught countless students.

it was really a last minute decision, i called fuzi on friday for a chat over tea, and she told me of her workshop. i'm glad i went. it opened another door of opportunity for me.

fuzi..., oh boy! she is one dynamic aaand cute lady i tell ya! at 60, i think she is 16 at heart! i met fuzi over a year ago and we have been in touch on and off, we would meet for tea, chat for a while, said our good byes and that's it. no agenda or anything, no expectation of our next meeting whatsoever, it was just that. this is my first seeing her in a mini seminar. she wrote her first book titled "wink at life", a wonderful sharing of her life and career in the building/construction industry dominated by men. inspiring! woman power! woohoo!

she has just finished a childrens book titled "winkie has landed", tells of an alien who is on a mission on earth to build bridges of goodwill, which is also fuzi's personal mission in life as well. find out more about winkie at fuzimagic.

my first time meeting wendy. wendy is a tarot reader, now, i know it may sound woo woo, but it was kinda fun. i don't deny they may have their works with people, i don't understand a wee bit about tarot reading, but what the heck, i have gone through my fair share of woo woo-ness in my life, so i'm open for anything.

are you curious what my card reading was? well, it was world card, it's the last card of the deck. means i've completed a phase of a journey, i've done a lot of clearing and i'm stepping into a new one.... well now! isn't that interesting? and she continued saying that i'm just a few steps away to get onto my new path. OoOoo....

ok... i'm keeping my eyes wide open and watching my steps.... :)


  1. Alison, I'm so glad you're back! I've missed your posts. Your photos are always so interesting and able to catch a person's essence.

    Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day.

  2. Two very unique personality! I've never met such inspiring figures like them both. Hope things get brighter for your path..

  3. amber: thanks amber! i made new friends, had fun, a new door opens... a good day.

    hliza: it is, soon... i'm quite excited really, but have to hold back just a little while longer.

  4. Alison: Tarot is an amazing experience but it has a lot of bad/negative press. Most people don't understand that tarot can be highly inspiring and I believe there's no such thing as a bad card. All cards help point you in the direction you want to go; in the end you take that step, the card just tells you what it is at that moment. You can get a daily tarot card reading from this site:

    Have fun! ;-)


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