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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

about healing

borneo highland, photo by alison, canon 350d

hliza, this is for your curiosity ;)
how does it work? what do i do when a client come to see me? what happens in the process? what? what? what? ;) i'm gonna give an example.

ok, like i explained in my earlier post, each individual emits different sets energy. any physical illness is caused by an imbalance in the energy field of the person. say a client has asthma, what is going on in that client's energy field is that there are energy blockages, usually around the throat and heart area. and this imbalanced is coupled with emotional imbalance as well. the person is feeling stifled, because he/she is not getting a more open hearted love in his/her life. it's kind of like smothered love, which causes the inability to breathe freely for him/her self. it can also caused by suppressed feelings and suppressed crying. there is also fear of life, of not wanting to be here, which may caused by some unpleasant emotional/physical experiences pass or present. all this emotional pain is planted and growing in his/her energy field and subconscious mind, which when not treated will manifest into other physical/emotional symptoms... example cancer/depression.

when a client come to see me, he/she will lie on a massage bed, i will place my hands, palms down, about a feet above the person's body, and i will do a scanning of the energy from head to toe, which is the instinctive reading of the energy, and identified which area has blockages, which in this example the throat and heart area (sometimes other areas too). it's sensing instinctively (if you ask me how, i wouldn't know how to explain, there is just knowing, it's like picking up signals from the energy field, think of it like how a radio would pick up frequencies and translate that into sound/music we hear).

for asthma cases, probably this person has pass trauma that he/she has been keeping, meaning he/she is still holding on to the memory and fear and could not let it go, this created a vibrational/frequency imbalance of his/her energy field. (remember, all our thoughts are energies vibrating at different frequencies too, in this case it's vibrating lower than the natural state). maybe this person was verbally or physically abused when he/she was a child.

i will guide him/her to express verbally, to let out what has been kept in the heart. sometimes this will followed by crying and the expression of anger. energetically speaking, a shift will happen when the person is doing the releasing. after that i will again place my hands above and re-align his/her energy field, meaning while placing my hands above the area, i will balance and adjust the client's energy field to a more balance and healed and empowered state.

the results will depend on both the healer and the client. healer will heal energetically and the client will also have to work out on letting go, and forgive the person that has abused him/her. which comes to the area of consciousness. sometimes clients would think that they have cleared away, but sub-consciously it's still there, if that is the case, the asthma attack may return. so the next step is to re-program the sub-conscious mind, to do so is by first doing a re-patterning of the conscious mind, that's where we start with simple affirmation and work deeper and deeper. until we re-wire the whole energetic and DNA of the person, that's our blueprint. (ok, this part i will not go further).

but then again, this does not apply to every case, i have encountered spontaneous healings too. meaning clients do not need to go through the emotional release, and yet get physical healings. the energy just knows how to re-align itself to it's pure natural healthy state.

boy... phew! this explanation is just 1% of the tip of the ice burg! but i do hope it has been informational enough for a simple understanding of what i do. it's all very scientific and mysterious at the same time. but it's great to witness the healings of clients.

other than that i help and guide those who are beginning of a spiritual awakening. this is part of human evolution that is happening right now on this planet. the shift of consciousness. which is what i have gone through (and still am). it has nothing to do with religion, it encompasses all religion. it's more of guiding in terms of how to overcome physical, emotional challenges and how to find ones true self.

there you go. wow! i think this is the longest blog post i've ever written!


  1. I don't know about the healing but the photo is therapeutic!

  2. Thanks Alison for going this far to make it clearer to me. I can imagine what you're doing you said it's not that easy to explain..especially when what I understood is that you use no equipments (sorry, I'm a science-based person!) and much is based on instinct. I do come across many type of healer or medicine men that uses questionable mediums, unknown spirits that looks a bit scary for our religious faith..and I'm releived when you said yours do not involve religion. I'm following your path with interest..I don't have inclination towards all this but it's kind of an eye-opener to me..something new. Maybe one day I'll drop by PJ and have a cup of coffee with you..just hang around. He he..

  3. Wow, cool! Sounds really interesting.

    I might wanna try this out some day soon.

    I have asthma, though it's not as bad as it was when I was a kid. But what you described was pretty spot on. Eerie.

  4. Alison, is this the same as "Reiki?"

    I have recently been in a mild "asthma state" and have been having this for years now around this time of the year. I was attributing it to the change in weather but then again, there are possibly sad things I am holding onto that gets magnified around this time - of the year. Hmmmm.....yes..yes...

    Thank you for this post, Alison. It was very informative. And your website is pretty cool too! :>

  5. lee: photo is good, but i wish i could be there in person again, it's so so much better! :)

    hliza: oh, it is most certainly science based! in involves quantum physics and mechanics and stuff. even i do not understand sometimes, but as long as it works. no, no... no spirits or stuff like that, gee... i do not even what to think all those.
    when you drop by PJ, bring camera along, so we can take pictures of each other or something. :)

    aizan: ya, spooks me out the first time too! hahaha! more often that not, people are skeptical, afraid, and being very judgmental because they do not understand the workings of the healings. it's like magic tricks, once you understand the science behind it, then you'll go OoOoOoOoo...... :D

    prism: i don't think it's the same as reiki as i've never taken lessons before. but overall, all types of energy healings has a fundamental base that they worked on, it's the shifting of electromagnetic field of the person, and much more than that. and oh...thanks! glad you think the website is cool. i'm still working on improving it.


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