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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

entering november

me, borneo highland resort, photo by gene, nikon d40

i do not know where to begin to tell you my story, my journey of becoming who i am now, a healer. but first of all, i thank you for your interest and support, and keep coming back to read my blog, i am honored.

standing here where i am, being a thirty something looking back at my life, i finally understood why i went through all the experiences, the things that came and the things that left. there are no coincidences, only experiences that i need to go through, that prepared me to be here. pieces of puzzles began to make sense and a clearer picture of my life emerge. it's still not complete, i still have a long way to go, but i am in no hurry.

i grew up in a rubber estate, i ran wild with boys my age. always surrounded with trees and animals. climbing and falling and fighting like a normal kid. i was always fascinated by nature. one day i'd go catching fish with my bare hands, bringing a tortoise home another day. i'd collect frog eggs and put them in the basin in the bathroom and wait for them to hatch, then released them back to the wild. same goes with lizard eggs that i'd keep in a match box and hid in my wardrobe where it's dark. there were baby birds and bugs and all sorts. i must be honest i was not kind to all animals though, but generally i love animals. seeing them come to life fascinates and amazes me. mom and dad were really cool with what i brought home and all the crazy stunts i did, yes, i got scolding here and there, but overall they were ok with my animal friends.

i rescued my first kitten when i was about five, that was the first of many kittens and cats and other animals that came into my life. all through my childhood and adult life, there's always an animal to be rescued. when we first moved to our present home six years ago, a mother cat brought us a wet, sick kitten one rainy night, gene and i thought it wouldn't make it. but i kept her warm, nursed her for the next 2 weeks. she survived. other kittens came and went. then came felix the shrew, you can read it here, here and here. unfortunately felix didn't survive, i was away on a work trip and was not able to be there to care for him. gene did the best he could, but felix just didn't make it. his passing was a lesson to me.

there's also a string of spiritual events and awakenings that lead me to some challenges physically, and i had to be a vegetarian. i did take up some lessons on pranic healing, in the intention of healing myself of my physical ailments. challenges on many other areas came one after another, i was put to test mentally, emotionally and physically. during those trying times, other miracles happened. i found i was able to heal others involuntarily, and it brought joy to me.

with other events followed (that i think i'm not ready to share here), i stopped. i left my first healer and went on with life working again. and at the same time found another healer/teacher. i am so grateful for having met him. i was able to clear away much of my own energy blockages and learned some exercise that eased much of my pain.

here's the thing... my healing ability, it came to me. it is in me. a gift. since the very begining. i was just not aware of it. it took it's time to show me what i was capable of doing, and evolved as i went through my own physical and spiritual evolution.

the healing that i am able to do, it's energy healing, and much more than that. i do not know what it's called but the closest i could relate to is what dr. eric pearl experienced, called the reconnection. whatever it is, it works.

i healed my mom who suffered from long term gastric. she is now able to enjoy chillies and curry which she was not able to consumed before. i worked mostly with family and relatives in the beginning and with positive results. so now i am moving on to the next level.

everybody is a healer, just different ways and different forms. you may be a painter, a singer, a photographer, a gardener, whatever. it is when people see your work, it stirs something inside of them, lift up their spirits. that's healing. this healing ability is in-built, we just got to tune to it's frequency. everybody is born special, something that you can share with other people and our environment. it is what you feel strongly about, your passion, your love and your joy. you just need to find that inside of you. once you've tap to that inner joy, you radiate that energy that brings you to a new level of well being. this energy can be felt by you and others and believe me it can be felt by our mother earth as well.

there is so much more to share... so much.

if you have any questions, feel free to leave in the comment. i will try to answer them. i know this short blog post doesn't really tell much. i will write more in future posts.

in the meantime, i hope this post has stirred something inside of you. something to ponder and go deep within your heart to find some answers. :)


  1. You are in the midst of a fascinating journey, Alison. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I read your blog whenever you post, and find it inspirational. Your photographs are also wonderful!

    I particularly enjoyed reading this post about your life. What an interesting journey you are having!

    The paragraph about each of us being healers in our own ways really struck me. I am a musician and I thank you for the reminder.

  3. Oh reading this makes me feel closer to you. I hope you'll follow the signs and do whatever you feel you must..not everybody has this gift. I can think myself as a 'stress-reducer' for my family, not so much a healer..but I love to make them feel good. Good luck dear..I'm watching you from far and praying that you'll suceed!

  4. That is pretty wild, Alison! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about your gift. I already knew you were a special soul with your photography gift, but how interesting to learn about this other aspect. I hope you'll share more as you are ready.

  5. Hey girl, you rock! Very happy for you!!!

  6. I am so happy for you. You've expressed your thoughts well and I look forward to reading more of your journey.

    Inner joy energy shines brightly and people will be attracted to you because of it.

    I will continue to follow along...

  7. OH, drats..I lost my long' sick right now can you believe that...dizzy...dizzy..will be back later...

  8. feel so happy for you in your fascinating quest. looking forward to your further posts.

  9. lee: thank you for being a part of it.

    cameron: i am honoured that you read my blog posts. we are all in this together, connecting and healing each other.

    hliza: thanks for your encouraging words, it means a lot to me, at times when i too have to go through some growing pains in stepping into new territory.

    amber: it is wild! you have no idea how freaked out i was when i first got this! hahaha!

    anna: thanks anna! you played a big part in this too! and i am truly grateful.

    marion: thanks marion, it is gonna be some journey... i do not know where it will lead me, but i am just gonna stay present and enjoy the moment.

    prism: oh dear, lotsa lovin energy your way, hope you feel better soon!

    zanas: i try to stay grounded, and calm about all that is happening. whatever happens, i am all ready.

  10. you go girl! i'm happy for you

  11. mimi: thanks so much, that means a lot to me.


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