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Thursday, 13 November 2008


kiki. photo by alison, canon 350d

chillin' with my cat
a book
a drink
a day
just for


  1. If I tickle his/her tummy will I lose all the flesh off my arm up to my elbow?

  2. Hello Alison,
    Good for you!!!
    I have to clean, I'd rather just chill.
    Your kitty is cute. She looks so relaxed!!!
    Have a pleasant day,

  3. I wish I can do all those! The last time i finished a book was like years!

  4. Alison, I've been trying to post comments but they never seem to pull through. I've been wanting to say that your posts about "healing" are very enlightening. I am truly interested in applying the basic tenets of living consciously, and I do believe that we are largely responsible for our own well being and healing. Your posts are manifestations that my journey is going through its rightful path. I hope you will write more about this topic, your experiences and thoughts about it.

    By the way, your cat, I believe, knows all too well that she is going to be posted in this blog. Her pose is well practiced and exquisitely choreographed ha!ha!

  5. lee: no... quite the opposite actually, she loves tummy tickle and tummy rub! :)

    lydia: ya... was a good day.

    hliza: you have fun books to read with najid! does that count? haha! anyways, you're doing great as mom! i can't beat that one :)

    prism: i had second thoughts the other day on whether should i continue posting on this subject, as i know some people are not ready to accept these stuff. i'll post some, from time to time, a mix of flavors in postings. we can discuss thru emails, if you wish. i can be reach at


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