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Thursday, 18 December 2008

mood at moore's #3

wrapping papers, photo by alison, canon 350d

kiki playing in the box, photo by alison, canon 350d

and then looking sweet and innocent, photo by alison, canon 350d

yesterday was shopping day. after four hours and blisters on feet later (i was wearing flat canvas shoe!!) i manage to get some nice prezzies for the family from sunway piramid. lucky it wasn't that crowded and i have to say, i had a pretty good time (minus the blisters).

then came the wrapping! kiki was all nosy and playful, we had fun playing with papers and boxes. she loves boxes, above is the box where i keep all the smaller boxes for presents, kiki had one like that not too long ago that she scratched and gnawed to pieces!


  1. She's beautiful!

    (And she knows it!)

  2. Alison: I saw this book called Dewey in Borders Bookstore yesterday. About a cat who was saved by a bunch of librarians and become the town's unofficial library cat! Check it out when you are next in the bookstores ;-) Margaret's mewing for food again..... I hope Kiki isn't as demanding!

  3. Oh that flirty, naughty Kiki! Najla will not let her out of her hands if they two ever met! Once there's a stray cat coming to our house and Najla keep calling her Cici..and for few days the kids call the kitty Cici. Najla even went under the car to get the cat. But she disappeared when we went balik kampung.

    I feel like giving pressies too you know..seeing all the Christmas hype everywhere..

  4. lee: yes she does!

    mayakirana: i saw the cover page on MPH catalogue, the kitty is so cute! will get the book the next time i visit the bookstore.

    kiki IS demanding, she'll just sit next to her plate, won't budge till we feed her.

    hliza: cici? haha! such a cute name! cici the cat.

    ya... it's the surprise of what's inside that makes it so fun and exciting. :)


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