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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

mood at moore's

christmas 2008, photo by alison, canon 350d

christmasy mood is late this year, we've had the tree up about a month ago, still... no sign of the holiday cheer. we still have not done our prezzies shopping yet. maybe this weekend.
as for our tree... we had a hand me down tree from my in-laws few years ago, ornaments and all. when the old tree finally had to go, i bought a cheapo tree which is now standing a 'lil slanted, oh well... like calvin (from calvin and hobbes) says, "it adds character". we don't have a star or an angel at the top, instead a happy little drummer bear, watching our sweet 'lil home from up there... i think it's cute, adds yet another character to the already crooked tree :)


  1. I must admit Christmas cheer is yet to appear for me - because Dad died? Maybe. Because of the financial mess? Maybe. Getting old and cynical? maybe.

  2. Lee, did you mention old and cynical? That's not you.
    The tree sound just perfect to me got charachter!

  3. My tree is lopsided as well. It's my first artificial tree...I'm not sure it will stand up for the rest of the holidays, lol! It's pretty, anyway, just like yours.

  4. lee: i still have not figure out my 'maybe'... hmm... maybe it's best to just let it be, sometimes i feel there's just no need to find all the answers.

    hliza: haha... lee is just being sweet and humble.

    marion: artificial tree is popular here, as the real trees, imported, are very expensive. ikea sells them, and oohh i love the smell.

  5. same here...same here...

    My childhood Christmas was more memorable..

  6. prism: :) strange times we are arriving at


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