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Saturday, 13 December 2008

mood of the mall #2

great eastern mall, photo by alison, canon 350d

only one book is worth reading: the heart.
~ ajahn chah~


  1. I just noticed it's Great Eastern Mall..yeah no wonder not many people. I used to love hanging around not-so-popular malls as I wanted to avoid the crowd. Now, everywhere's crowded!

  2. For a minute there, Hliza, I thought you recognised it from the reflection!! How sad! But then I saw the title to the photo. :-)

  3. your photo inspired me to take pix of the christmas deco at downtown here in orchard. i should do that this weekend. but i hope it won't be too crowded.

  4. lee: thanks.

    hliza: ya...people everywhere! that's why i like to go shopping during weekdays and during working hours.

    zanas: oh, please do and post soon, i'd love to see what's up at orchard! haven't been there in ages! :)


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