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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

the seminar

our little crowd, photo by gene, canon 40d

me, photo by gene, canon 40d

today's affirmation:
everyday is a new learning experience

i was meaning to write earlier, but after the seminar, i was kept busy, with house chores, my parents came to stay, which was a lot of fun, then yesterday my sister's car got stolen, so i had to be with her. she's doing fine, it's just the hassle of doing the reporting to the police and insurance company and all those stuff.

the seminar went great. yes, i was nervous, and you know, the universe would not send something that you can't handle, we got a small group, which was great for me to begin with! i did a rather short sharing. and i totally forgot what i was rambling about. uh huh! that's my drawing of the earth and a stick person, trying to explain what is going on in both.

and it was great that gene was there with me, we learned something new about each other, well, at least i learned something new about him during the session shared by kalaisa. :)

i'll be meeting my first client today at new centre. the wheel is turning at perfect speed... my speed. slow but moving. :)

ever ever grateful for all these experiences that i am having.


  1. Pheww! Great it went okay..I felt happy for you! And that new permed hair look so nice on you!

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  3. Ooooh Alison...congratulations!!!

    This event of yours is so special to me. Even if I am not physically there, something of what you're doing is specially connected to my life.

    You see, months and months and months ago, I started painstakingly making out a personal website. In my line of work I do corporate trainings, mostly on grammar, business writing and oral communication in the workplace. A training outfit contacts me whenever they would need a trainer for the given topics. It's quite a tedious process with before and after training analysis work to be conducted. This is because I don't give "off the rack" trainings but tailor fit each seminar according to a particular company's specific needs. This is very taxing and totally stressful, especially when a client demands modifications in what has already been set.

    So, a few months ago, I thought to myself...what if...what if...

    What if i start to teach what I really *truly* want to teach?

    What if I conceptualize materials that speak, not just about corporate stuff, but more importantly, about how to truly live in the moment,

    how to say things beautifully,

    and how to believe in yourself.

    What if I write something that is uniquely, just for women? That sort of thing.

    Anyway, that prompted me to begin my, regretfully, still "unfinished" languishing website.

    I was almost in the process of abandoning the whole idea when I read about your "change of career" here.

    It was also interesting to read how some phrases of it, like "sacred self" have been penned in that webby of mine for a long time now, just waiting to finally be birthed.

    Needless to say, you inspired me to pick me up and make a go for it once over again.

    This seminar that you had is something on my mind as well,just a few people who will listen to what I have to say. Even your picture here presents exactly what I have envisioned...people seated on floor with captured what I wanted to see me doing...although of course I am not a healer in the kind of sense that you are. I just want to encourage so many women I know who seem to just tie themselves up in the same old festering way of outmoded thinking.

    Good luck and well wishes to you, Alison. I know that your session with your first client will go very well.

    My still unfinished site:

  4. I am so happy the seminar went well. Look at are beautiful and radiant! And the faces on the attendees captures your spirit! Looks like everyone had a meaningful experience. I am so pleased that things are going well for you!

  5. hliza: thank you thank you tahnk you! :)

    prism: thank you! we have much in common, i am also in the planning of doing workshops for women. we both are geared towards helping the inner flowering of selves, especially women, just different vehicles. :)

    go for it sistah! go where your heart calls for you. i'll be your pom pom girl cheering you on!

    i am glad that we connected, as i am sure we'll support each other along the way, if you were living closer, i'd invite you to be my special guest to share your skills! :) well... who knows... maybe it'll happen?

    hey, that's a lovely website! wow! your corporate look so superwoman! :) pretty!

    go! prism, go! *hugs*

  6. amber: your kind words is my fuel to keep me going, it means a lot to me. thank you thank you thank you!


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