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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

one little word + postcards for you

affirmation postcards, photo by alison, canon 350d

my one little word:

my one little word in 2007 and 2008
it was powerful, it was fun, it brought out something deep within
my one little word for 2009 is CREATE

if you are not the kind of person that makes new year resolutions, like me, this may fit well. it's simple and easy to follow. it has definitely benefited me. maybe you wanna give it a go? i got the inspiration from here and here. just pick a word that you wish to be, or incorporate in your life this year, a word that resonate deep within you, the feeling, the magic within that is waiting to burst out and flow in your veins and your aura! to change the world, we need only start by changing ourselves, and just by starting with one little word.

after practicing surrendering in 2008, i got in touch with that magic again. everything fell into place and miracles happened, one after another. last year was not without challenges, but my one little word has time again brought back balance, confidence and faith in the universe and in myself.

2009 - create... i am now ready to create much more joy in my life and the world around me. the world seem bleak, but i understand the bigger picture now, sometimes things need to get really bad before it can get better, a new consciousness is being born within the turmoil. it has already begun, people are veering towards hope and change, within my own country and the also the world.

i am ready to play my part in co-creating joy, love and peace with the universe.

starting with myself this year, instead of blaming, i will send metta (lovingkindness), instead of harboring anger, i will find that calmness within me and radiate peace. even for just 10 seconds at any given moment. learning to create peace within myself is all i need to do.

i also want to create artful photography, be more creative in taking photos and not always follow the 'rules'. learn more about photography. i want to paint more. zing up my work and business too. and add some magic for a more fulfilling and fun loving relationships, family and friends alike. with some imagination and colours and a generous amount of metta!

wanna play? what would your one little word be?

postcards for you...

photo above is some affirmation postcards that i printed out. i wish to send them to you!! all you have to do is leave a comment in this post and i will get in touch with you for your postal address and mail it to you, yes... handwritten with stamps! anywhere in the world! (with postal service :P)

you have until 18 january 2009. (i'll be away next week) so postcards will only be sent out after 19 january 2009. you can share your one little word or simply say hi, i will send you a home made affirmation postcard. it's that simple :)


  1. Hope.

    Your postcard would make a lovely belated birthday card for me. ;)

    Thanks, Alison. :D

  2. The cards look great. The word? Trust.

    BTW Will be in KL in April for my son's 'second wedding', first one's in Melbourne, so may see you again.

  3. I would love one of your cards! And I think your resolution philosophy of a one-word "mantra" so to speak, is awesome!

  4. My word for the month would have to be "clear " as I had started off the year by pulling off weeds and overgrown plants, and by de-cluttering all the closets and putting stuff in boxes.

    I haven't decided on a word that would define my whole year tho'...every time I think about it the word heart comes to mind...hmmm..

    Your cards are very pretty:)

    I can be reached at

  5. wah, bestnye.

    my word would be 'celebrate' because i'll be 40 on my coming birthday and like they said 'life starts at 40'. whilst my hub told me '40 is when the door opens to all sickness'. so, since i'm not sure which one HE has for me, i just want to celebrate every little thing in 2009. btw, you will sign on all the postcards (or one) for me? bcoz this gift will be my priceless treasure. my email address:

    peace :p

  6. i got it!!! your pretty postcard reached my mailbox this morning. thank you so much :p


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