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Tuesday, 20 January 2009


tioman beach, monsoon season, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation
i have clarity, i know what i want

been extremely busy
so many things is happening right now
can't even describe what i am feeling
what i do know is i am a little off balance
need to find some quiet time, soul searching
and i will need to make decisions

postcards sent today, to you: jemima, lee, hliza, amber, prism and zanas. did i miss anyone? i hope not. and thank you for letting me share a little note to you.


  1. That pic reminds me of the angry sea I met when I was in one of Mersing's islands, Pulau Tinggi many years ago..facing the possibility of not being able to come back home. Hope you enjoyed Tioman..and I'm waiting for the postcard. Thanks in advance!

  2. Now, I don't mean to sound morose, but you know, I would really like to just take on that wave over there right now..just plunge in, knock it about with my fists, then just roll over and allow it to fling me to the moon, if it wants to.

    I've had a really crappy sorry...but your pic looks so goooooood to just dive in and lose oneself.

    oh'..but the thought of your cards made me smile..he!he!

  3. Hi I received your card yesterday!It's so lovely and I can't take my eyes off's now safe with my postcard collection album..Thank you so much!

  4. hliza: you collect postcards? wow, that's just great. i grew out of that hobby long ago. i wonder what happened to my stamps collection. :P

    prism: i was feeling the same way tuesday, i had a crappy tuesday too! haha! feeling better now, when i feel crappy, i use that energy to clean clean clean the house! and i'm still cleaning, once the motor started, it just gets going.

  5. Yes..I started collecting postcard 2 years ago and I'm disappointed that not many people print nice ones here in Malaysia. I was thinking of creating unique ones for collectors but quite doubtful there's market for it. I still have my stamp album..and still adding stamps!


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