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Sunday, 1 February 2009


me, ulu bendul park, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
whatever decisions i make, is good for me now

i've decided not to pursue healing seriously, as business. no more taking in strangers. i will still do healings from time to time, as a hobby, to close friends and family. this past month has been an amazing adventure of healings and miracles, i am still in awe of what transpired, of what 'i' was able to do. i feel as though january unfolds like scenes from a movie. me? i was like one of those 'superhero' with super powers. so unreal. but, it was real! these hands... these god given hands was able to heal in big ways! through little steps. i know that whatever healings that happened was the workings of a larger and more intelligent force... which we may call in many names... god, universe, great spirit, light, love, whatever you wanna name it, it doesn't mind. and it doesn't mind if i write it's name in lower case, not capital letters. but i am here to tell you, this intelligent energy is real and knows exactly what it is doing. i cannot even begin to explain what it feels like to be a part of this magical experience. it is a blessing, i am grateful. yet... i have made my decision. i will not pursue this in which i intended in the beginning. it is not me. things have changed.

lets just say i am taking a break for now.

i am looking to do other stuff. keeping an open mind. listening to heart and trusting that all will be good.


  1. It is not uncommon to back away, for a bit. This type of energy can be overwhelming, at first. At the same time you were giving healing, you were also receiving. It changes things.

    Keep your heart open...

  2. Ali, whatever that comes along, i am certain it can only be better for you. In your own unique way, you have taught me to tune in to myself, guess there are so much more to be open to...yes, baby baby steps .. thank you.

    Wish you the best and a great Ox year!

  3. It all depends on your gut'll do what you feel you must. Good luck gal..

  4. marion: thank you. yes, information is exchanged during healings. i am learning so much. i need time to digest. :)

    ming: thank you for your comforting words, it means a lot to me. healers need healings too :) every person that i connected through healings are part of me, i see part of them in me. you have shown me much about myself too, and i thank you.

    hliza: uh huh, gut feelings, ego and stuff. hahaha! thanks for your support.


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