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Monday, 12 January 2009


art stuff, photo by gene, canon 40d

workshop went great! fun!
more soon
when i return from a short break
to tioman island....... wooohooo!!
with anna, sophia and maya
an all girls fun under the sun retreat
will be back wednesday

and thank you beezee bee for posting. here's bee's sharing on a session she had with me.

postcards for you
if you want a home made postcards sent to you, read this post. it's still open till 18 january 2009.


  1. Alison, so glad the workshop went well. Love your "art stuff" creative juices are flowing big time...Took me two weeks this year to get it goin, but it's on!

  2. Hello Alison,
    I love your art pic here! it's great to get creative.
    Wishing you a wonderful day,

  3. I must get back to painting again, I must, I must.

  4. amber: i do hope i get to see some of your work :)

    lydia: i feels great to be doing creative work. i love it.

    lee: get to it, now! :D


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