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Monday, 2 February 2009

hello february

royal museum seri menanti, kuala pilah, photo by alison, canon 350d

thanks marion, ming and hliza for your kind words.
though this ability to heal is not new to me, i guess i am learning and healing too as i consciously and continuously thread the journey of life. much has to do with accepting who i am. to accept the inner power that is connected to source, that i am part of source. i am learning to embrace this more deeply. sometimes i have doubt about myself, when i doubt myself means i doubt source. i am learning to heal this part of me. to trust source, to communicate with source. and ultimately to surrender to source.

part is also experiential living... there is no where stated that i have to be a healer only, so, i wish to do other things, learn new stuff, try something different. life is meant to be joyful, an adventure, i have the choice to create how i wish to live, and hopefully, source will be there to help out too.

life and source, life IS source. it's a partnership, it is also one. we have to learn to co-create, until such time that we return to it.
i am learning.


  1. Oh yes we are too..sometimes I wonder what's in store for me in the future..may be we just have to make trial and error here and there to know..

  2. yes, and when we look at the bigger picture of our life, there is no error. isn't life just amazing?

  3. B&W photography is just the best sometimes! Lovely evocative shot.


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