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Sunday, 8 March 2009

rain man

cactus, cameron highland, photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i communicate with a loving heart

watched rain man last night, for the first time
a 1988 movie, 21 years old
good movie, dustin hoffman as raymond was brilliant
human beings
yearn for contact, connection, bonding, communication, love
it's that deep connection through heart
that warmth, that tenderness, to be felt
to be alive, to understand the meaning
of becoming human again


  1. Love that picture. May I borrow it? (Credited, of course).

    It seems symbolic of how many people live their lives.

    And...Happy Birthday, I think. Yes?

  2. lee: sure. thanks for the birthday wish, yes, you are right sir.

  3. Rain Man's always in favorite movie list! extraordinary!!

    birthday?? how did i miss that...hapi belated bday girl! ;p


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