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Friday, 6 March 2009

tough wheels

land rover, photo by alison, canon 350d

land rovers, some good looking, some not, mostly not (um.. depending on perspective)
they rule cameron highland, they are everywhere!
zooming around ferrying goods, veggies, flowers, manure, people
i think they are older than me
they look mean, yet sexy
some look tired, but refuse to stop
those caught up with death
i feel sorry for them, sad even
they just sit there, next to each other
flat tires, rusted, busted

remind me of the movie cars (disney/pixar)
little town where cars have a life of their own
must have lots of stories to tell
wonder what story the one above has


  1. I don't know what it is about old vehicles like this, but I agree...their history would be amazing, if they could speak.

    Again, your photo abilities shine!

  2. all your Cameron photos (but I had loved ALL your photos so far!)..we only went there once 3 years ago since we moved to Ipoh. I hate the dizzying road up I wish I can just reach the top without suffering the headache. And yes, this one reminds me of 'Mater' in Cars.

  3. Someday, some old "Rover" loving soul will come by and revive to revive that sleeping hunk!


  4. marion: how fun if we could communicate with vehicles?!

    hliza: thanks. driving up from tapah was scary, narrow road and oncoming trucks from cameron speeds, yikes! but the road from simpang pulai isn't so bad. we drove up from tapah and went down through simpang pulai.

    prism: haha... sleeping princess rover? waiting for prince charming rover?


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