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Sunday, 5 April 2009

beautifully imperfect

directed by critically acclaim yasmin ahmad

saw this video in facebook posted by my new and lovely friend ming, just wanna share it with you here. (thanks ming!)

gene and i have our flaws too, we tease and make jokes at each other, and live by the imperfection that is perfect that we are. life is beautiful.

yasmin's blog is here.


  1. yeap...this is the best message the media had delivered. most of us have a good snore in our sleep. i used to complain about my hub's very same habit bcoz it was difficult for me to sleep. but after the ad, i would kiss my hub's cheek and enjoy the loud irritating sound he was making. i visited yasmin's blog just now and glad to see the lady who was responsible for this beautiful message. thanks for sharing.

  2. you are my lovely fren too Ali. :)i love and am grateful for all the new experiences u share and bring into my life .. for allowing me to learn to be oblivious to judgements, learn to embrace imperfection .... thank you!

  3. zanas: they played on national tv in singapore? thank god gene doesn't snore coz i'm a light sleeper! :D

    ny: you like? jason snores? :P anyways glad you enjoyed it.

    ming: oh, we all learn from each other, you gave me some wake up call and reminder as well. kam sia kam sia.


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