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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

being sensitive

weed, photo by alison, canon 350d

dear god, help us to help ourselves

monday: i was feeling so crappy the whole day, didn't know where the feeling was coming from, i was sad, angry and was just plain unpleasant. i didn't even speak to anyone, unless spoken too. i just didn't feel like talking to anyone at all. at times i was feeling vertigo. dizzy. weak.

tuesday morning: after sending my sister to college, i went home and broke down.

tueday night: i read on the internet that north korea had a nuclear test monday morning. it went right into earth.

and i felt it.
i felt what the earth felt.


  1. ALISON! Read my BLOG!!


    we're soul sisters to the last drop of air..LOL! This is exactly exactly what I taled about as well! wow!


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