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Thursday, 4 June 2009


purple flowers, photo by alison, canon 350d

whatever happens, i can handle it

last week i had the opportunity to do an energy reading and healing for a friend i met last year. she is also going through her own spiritual growth and is having some physical symptoms, which like many others (myself included), can't be diagnosed by doctors. hers was stomach discomfort, which surrounds her solar plexus area (personal power, gut instinct). she was also having sleeping disorder, which having suddenly wake up at 3:00am (which is the time of heighten awareness hours) most nights. each individual is different and the symptoms varies.

when i was going through my awakening process many years ago (still am), i had partial vision blindness, strange but true. and it came out of the blue. it was scary, especially when the partial blindness came while i was driving!! my vision is back to normal now (thankfully!). then there were aches and pain, the fatigue, ringing in the ears, the burning sensation, ect. ect.

why are all this happening? i don't have all the answers, i do know as we evolve in our spiritual ladder, as we evolve into new levels of consciousness, our bodies are receiving more light, more grace and pure energy. we need to purge all dark and dense energy. any lower form of energy needs to be removed from our being. it is a cleansing process. the energy will work it's way and just right for each individual, no matter what the symptoms are, we can handle it. and we only need to know that "all will come to pass". i am not saying that you shouldn't go see a doctor when you are in pain! not all have to be awakening symptoms, if pain persist, by all means, go see a doctor! and for some others, it may be less painful process, it's all different for everybody.

emotional issues can be a real challenge. and you need to really be patient and try to resolve whatever it is that is coming your way. fear, anger, sadness, depression will creep in. and you need to know when it is alright and when to get help.

is everyone going to go through all this? the earth is evolving and going into planetary alignment, which involves the shift of electromagnetic field. our bodies are also made of same thing. energy. everything is energy. like it or not everyone will somehow evolve too. and those who are ready to be awaken will experience changes within themselves (also changes in their outer world) and evolve into new states of consciousness.

it is an exciting time to be in. many enlighten beings will be present in this world age. we are witnessing something grand and absolutely awesome happening!


  1. Hello Alison,
    I love this post and the photo too! I truly believe what you say about situations and negative engery that effects us emotionally, also having a effect on us physically too.
    It's so neat that you know how to do healings.
    I have a hernia exactly where my Solar plexus (personal power) is and I'm pretty sure I know why.
    Thanks so much for sharing this info!
    Have a great day,

  2. Investments shrinking, unpredictable markets, is that part of the awakening process. :-D

    Heal us, my dear. You are the new age doctor.

  3. Dear doctor,

    I'm going thru this:
    - eating less and eating raw veges (never happened)
    - filling head w songs (I won't say whose)
    - neck ache from wearing high heels - maybe you hv another explanation
    - occasional tinge of pain in the middle chest

    What is your prognosis on the neck ache and middle chest pain.


  4. I'm learning more every time I read about your journey..

  5. Good one. Hope to hear more of your reading experiences :)

    Fr: NY

  6. Hello Alison

    My goodness what an amazing blog you have and I gravitated right away to this post and I have to say it spoke to me very personally - thank you for these wise words. It is amazing how one can feel a connection to another instantaneously!

    It is funny - yet not funny, but I sometimes get that weird pain in my solar plexus too (btw I am in perfect health) and I correlate it to who I am with directly at, before or after the time and it never lies, when my soul is not at ease. And the vision, I had 20/20 and then it got just a tiny bit worse as far as far sight went but all was still perfect and then last spring and this spring almost over night my distance vision is very noticably worse. Sometimes I let it get to me a little, - but I always remind myself that I am a healer of this body and simply have to allow all things to pass through me and at the right moment and when I allow it the healing will take place (it did go away before after all)

    Anyhow - there is definitely a cleansing going on and a shift and it is all so exciting, especially when we tap into our higher selves all things are possible!

  7. what if i have this depression problem and i can't seem to understand how it comes around. i can't seem to find the problem that worries me and things that make me unhappy. i get stressed out and agitated easily. i'm now prescribed with medicine for 'anxiety disorder' which was meant to calm me down. what is the best healing process for me?

  8. Alison, I read this after I read your post above. I have been going through some physical discomfort this year. Remember how I was so out of it last January?

    A week ago, I was suffering from what seems to be the same description of what you wrote here. I also wake up around 3 am. In fact, the past 3 days, I have had fitful doses of sleep. When I look at myself, I see a different me...Sounds strange or eve funny, but I feel like I'm..I don't know how to describe this except to say that I'm going through some real manifestations of change.

    Your post has served to solidify my theory. I understand myself even more today. Thank you.


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