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Thursday, 25 June 2009

free energy reading & healing

angel on book shelf, photo by alison, canon 350d

how may i help you today?

yay! finally! you know when you have that feeling of never completely good enough to go out there, that you want to have everything perfectly in place to step out, not missing a single thing? well, guess what? you'll never get there! that's what i've been going through, and i'll just have to take that first step forward, to go out there and just "show up". i'll still do some tweaking along the way, but for now, here's my website it's at the sidebar of this blog as well. woohoo!! and i am happy to announce that the FREE reading and healing is ON!

how to participate? simple. all you need to do is leave a comment saying you would like to have a reading/healing session with me, or if you would like a little privacy, you can email me at we will then communicate with each other to fix an appointment. you have 2 options. 1. chat with skpye or 2. chat with gmail account. the session can be done through type chat or voice chat. make sure you install skype or sign up for a gmail account prior our appointment. each session will last approximately 30 minutes.

you have until 7:00pm 30 June 2009 (malaysian time) to sign up for a free reading/healing session. so hurry!

you may prepare some questions ahead, regarding work, relationship, emotional issues or others. or you can just come unprepared and enjoy what comes naturally. it can be serious, or not, totally up to you. it will be fun. i'd like to call it a playdate session. a place to let loose and let go... and along the way find some clarity to go forward.

if you'd like to give it a go... leave a comment or email me, and we shall chat soon!


  1. i need a second session Ali! Can i book you now? ;)

  2. yeeehah! meeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!

    I have a gmail account! and I think we have the same time zone eh?

    clap! clap!

  3. me please. actually more for my husband but we won't tell him! :-D

  4. Hi there,
    Came across your blog via twitter (first time I said that). Nice to meet a fellow Energy Healer.

    I would like to book your Reading/Healing session. Is it still availabe?

    Are you in KL or outstation?

    All the same, nice to meet you. Atma Namaste.

    River of Karma

  5. river: from twitter? wow! you're my first from twitter! yup, still available. email me and we can fix a time. i am in kl.

    nice to meet you too.

  6. Hello Alison,
    Congrats!!!!!!! I think it's great that you now have your web page. I will place your link on both of my blogs and I've placed a short cut to your sight onto my desk top so I can read it!
    wishing you a great day!


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