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Monday, 22 June 2009

some q & a

hydrangea leaves, photo by alison, canon 350d

there's always a choice

what i did when i was over my head last week? i ran. not jogged. i ran. i put on my sports shoe and ran around the neighbourhood. and when i reached the park i ran myself silly, arms wide open, head high. i ran. and i hopped, i skipped, i walked, i breathe and i ran summore. then i laughed. i did this for a couple of evenings.

the reason was to break my pattern, when one wants to shift a focus of the mind, the easiest is to shift the body. when you shift your body, you shift your focus.

ok. i am back and i have some goodies lined up. but first, as promised, answers to some of your questions. ready? here we go.

anna wrote:
Investments shrinking, unpredictable markets, is that part of the awakening process. :-D
'm going thru this:
- eating less and eating raw veges (never happened)
- filling head w songs (I won't say whose)
- neck ache from wearing high heels - maybe you hv another explanation
- occasional tinge of pain in the middle chest
What is your prognosis on the neck ache and middle chest pain.

alison: whatever it is, is. it is part of the evolution of the whole. the old system is no longer functioning at it's best, yes, including investments among others. anything that is running based on greed and greed for power will fall. a better or a new system will emerge. it's a gradual process, takes years to rebuild what humans have created hundreds of years ago.

as the earth evolves and receives more light and vibrates higher, we too evolve and receive more light in the body, the body system itself changes. your body is filled with more light and becoming lighter. therefore less food intake. anything that is dense does not resonate with the new system. hence, one craves for veges or raw veges. your intelligent body will know what it needs. listen to it. but please be reminded that you still need to ground yourself or else you'll feel that you are not in your body. find your balance, as we still need our physical body here on earth to function, it is our temporary vehicle. so a little meat is alright once in a while, until you are fully adaptable to lighter foods.

just be aware of your daily activities, feel your body. you don't have to analyse. just be an observer. be in the now.

zanas wrote:
what if i have this depression problem and i can't seem to understand how it comes around. i can't seem to find the problem that worries me and things that make me unhappy. i get stressed out and agitated easily. i'm now prescribed with medicine for 'anxiety disorder' which was meant to calm me down. what is the best healing process for me?

alison: sometimes you don't need to know much to heal. it may be hidden in your subconscious mind, and it's ok not to know too. just acknowledge and feel the sensations that is causing you discomfort. it is part of learning to let go, from your conscious or subconscious mind. feel the tightness or pain in your body, place your attention there, take deep breath and intent that you release it out to the universe. and release. release. release. taking deep breathing exercise helps too.

i hope that helps, if you guys want to have reading sessions. i'll be giving out free readings soon! my website is almost ready. having a re-launching soon! yay! so, be sure to come back and check this space.


  1. Hello Alison,
    You really have some good advise for those looking to solve some problems.
    I really look forward to visiting your websight once you've completed it.
    I may just take you up on the free reading when you have them available. Thank You!
    Have a nice evening.

    P.S. I't's nice to see your back from break feeling refreshed.

  2. Thanks. I'm signing up for a reading.

  3. because the readings are ... lets just say ... AMAZING. Thank you. I posted a little feedback on the reading and a thank you note in the comments area where you had guest blogger Trish, but in case it gets buried there unnoticed, here is a note to say, go read it - Jun 11.

  4. Funny, but this is what I am going through as well. My body seems to be in a process of change far more significant than before. Even my physical look, I think is changing. Plus, I too have this desire to eat less and eat light.

    luv' this post.


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