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Tuesday, 30 June 2009

today in ipoh

hospital fatimah, ipoh, mobile phone camera,
nokia 6120


it was surreal
Hliza is the most calm and collected person i've ever met, knowing what she had gone through. she's a superhero! we hit it off the moment i stepped into her room, exchanged details of our background at the beginning which blossomed into some intimate chat that was just too soulful and holy. had us totally unprepared that we would share such details on our first meet. as if we had been sharing secrets all our lives? that i would say what i said to her as i did a reading. i was the messenger, and the message was deep and heartfelt. neither of us was expecting that coming! i had tears at the corner of my eyes. it was touching and also a learning experience for me. i am falling in love with this woman. she is such a gem!

i think i may have stayed longer than i should, but i was happy to have finally met her. in person. our first meeting, not at all what she'd expected, but i have to say... i wouldn't want it any other way Hliza, it was a beautifully orchestrated meeting and it was just perfect!

sending you lots of love on your healing and recovering journey.

maktub is an arabic word means "it is written" or "destiny". (some live by this faith)


  1. All I can say it's truly magical Alison. I love you just the way you's like we're meant to meat each other.

  2. Lovely. You are both amazing women.

  3. wow!!! thanks for visiting our friend in hospital when other can't.


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