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Thursday, 2 July 2009

good food

lunch today, yum! photo by alison, canon 350d

i love variety

indian banana leave rice, yum!
tejas, a newly opened restaurant & cafe in our neighbourhood that serves southern indian style cuisine. cozy little place plus friendly and wonderful service.
my new love in this area :)


  1. Oh man, why'd you do this to me? *salivating* Looks really really yummy. mmmmm... and smells great!

  2. i luuurve indian food too!!! my fav is briyani dam. n the list goes on with chepati, tosai, vadeh, naan, tandoori, butter chicken....n last but not least - curry fish head!!!

  3. Wow! Yummy! Where is it? Must bring me there this week before I leave. K?

    From: NY

  4. Hey, thanks for the lunch treat at 'tejas'. I will the food here so much! Of course the people here as well ;)

    Take care!


  5. anna: hahaha! ask ed to cook for ya!

    zanas: ya ya.., same here, i like it where they cut veggies into bite size and easy to chew. :)

    bee: we go lunch sometime ya?

    ny: my pleasure, don't forget to pack your curry powder and spices! :)

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  7. Hello Alison,
    This looks and sounds absolutely delicious!!!!!!!
    Indian food is great! Me and my hubby go out for Indian often. I've never seen a dish like you've displayed in the photo. It looks like it would taste very good.
    Have a great day,

  8. gypsy: it is delicious! you like indian food too? mmmm... fantastic!


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