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Friday, 31 July 2009

stay centered

photo by alison, canon 350d

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the energy blast in july was a wowzers!
what will august bring?
it will be bigger...

what i mean by wowzers, is that the energy really got into working on the self internally, it was a time of self inner examination. emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically. well, physically and energetically, a few days prior and after the solstice and eclipse, i could feel strong energy waves in and around my body and was really tired. in the mornings when i woke up i could feel the energy trembling and shaking in me as i was still lying in bed. it was intense. i was telling a friend that i felt like a snake shedding it's skin, because really, i was feeling uncomfortable in this physical body with intense energy swirling around me. i'm thankful that part is over, yes, skin was shed and i am re-birthed. :)

august? well, we'll just have to wait and see...

i wanted to share with you some of the energy readings i did, but i just couldn't get the words right. so i will leave it for now. as i collect myself and enjoying the calm and emptiness that is surrounding me and my tiny peaceful world, chaos is running rampant out there. i was shocked to watch the news yesterday as gene explained to me what was happening. such contrast.

as the outside physical world crumbles... it is best to stay focus to our inner world. there we'll find peace. and always be mindful of our breath. it helps to keep us centered and clear.

*deep breath*


  1. Can't wait to hear the story :)


  2. I'm sorry the swirling energies had you uncomfortable. Make sure you shield yourself, Alison, someone as susceptible as yourself will feel the re-birthing energies much more strongly.

    I'm hoping you're feeling more yourself now. The tiredness you speak of is so very common. Take care!

  3. Oh good for you..I had wished things turn out good for you too..

  4. ny: i'll try keeping up to date.

    marion: i am feeling much better now, thank you. i am dancing with the universe :)

    bee: uh huh! girls just wanna have fun!

    hliza: i am doing good, glad you are experiencing such wonderful surprises. keep the faith :)


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