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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

genting highland

i was in genting highland over the weekend and was having head ache all the way, but i had some good times too. here are some photos to share.

view from 28th floor, awana genting

mosque in the mountain and mist, praying in the greens and cool surrounding! wow!

28th floor, looking down

leisure time in first world

self portrait in hotel room

there really wasn't much for me to do other than taking photos. i shy away from the crowd most times, as genting can be really packed with visitors during the weekends. it was a night stay only but i had a good time taking photos non the less.


  1. Genting is never the place for and hubby..we are not the type who like crowded places..we went up there once and couldn't wait to go was stuffy..even the many kids' play stuffs don't attract us.

    That self-portrait is normally what I will do too..he he..nice pics Ali!

  2. U look good in the self-protrait :) NY

  3. hliza: i much prefer the pristine frasers hill. :)

    ny: *curtsy* thank you :)


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