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Friday, 14 August 2009

the girls

morning in genting, photo by alison, canon 350d

it's a brand new day, i love today

i don't really know why it is taking me so long to share with you my energy reading stories. i have not been feeling particularly chatty on the topic, well, not up till now. and i don't know where to begin. ok, i'll start with one of my friend's children, it is the most obvious. the healing and change happened quite instant. i know she won't mind me sharing it.

she has 2 girls, 3 and 9 years old. the 3 year old is taking lots of mom's time and attention, and the 9 year old has been thus far quiet and reserved. it is known to mom that 3 year old is taking her time away from 9 year old but what she didn't know was how 9 year old was feeling inside.

i did an energy reading on 9 year old, and i could feel that she was really hurting inside, a lot. she was feeling neglected. hurting so much that mom is always on 3 year old's side. so much so that she hides and keeps her feelings all locked up, she knows she is the big sister, she give in most times and she listens to mom, she is matured way beyond her years. but the bottled up feelings has kept her boxed in and unable to express herself well. and while reading her energy field, tears started pouring down my cheeks. free flow. i was releasing her pain, her bottled up years of hurting. she was cool with all that was happening, she never questioned, just experienced it all.

next i did on 3 year old. immediately was pushed away by her strong energy. yes, little 3 year old is the boss. the demanding queen. she exudes a strong powerful aura, of beingness. she has that strong, confidence no nonsense and hear-me-when-i-speak power. and yes, she commands her people well, mom, dad and big sis. i didn't go on further as she was making faces already :)

right after the session, 9 year old became chatty and overly happy! mom was rather surprised, puzzled, glad and relieved. she knew that something had changed in her girl. 9 year old had released much and was once again free to express herself. it was amazing to witness her change.

mom is working her way to balance attention to both 3 and 9 year old.

these are two amazing kids! simply lovely. 9 year old has great mind power. she is smart and so so talented. she is doing well both academically and also extra curricular activities, not to mention very creative in art and craft as well. she has many talents to share with the world. and 3 year old, all i can say is, watch out world, you have a great leader coming your way!

am loving this song, brand new day by joshua radin, been singing it (or rather croaking) whenever wherever.


  1. Hahaha... This story is true. I will vouch for it. And like to add that 9 yr old said her head was being pulled back during the healing session. It was just Alison's hand about 5 in away, moving around her head. And after that, she was all chirpy and happy like never before, like a burden has been lifted. hehehe... was interesting.

    What can I say, when you mentioned the 3 yr old has the 'hear me when i speak' power, she does, and she also verbalises it - "you have to listen to me, I'm talking"! In addition to commanding her family members, she also commands her teachers and friends quite well. She can also be a good listener and give in after much persistence.

    Both are wonderful in their own special way.

  2. I don't know you also do reading for kids! Glad the big sis now found brighter I begin to think of my kids when it comes to sibling competition..

  3. anna: your girls are the sweetest anna! you girls are so good together! :)

    hliza: children can teach us so much, about ourselves and about the world. they know more than we know sometimes because they are such pure being.


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